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warm smiles and soft hugs

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me, at the top of my lungs, to the tune of shirley temple's "animal crackers": ANIMAL. CROSSING. IN MY SWITCH--

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"This or That"

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For anyone to do! (Not to ask people, you just answer in the tags what you'd pick!)

Sky or Sea? Moon or Sun? Rural or Urban? Fangs or Horns? Bath or Shower? Ghosts or Aliens? Books or Movies? Morning or Night? Candle or Incense? Vanilla or Lavender? Garden or Meadow? Pokemon or Digimon? Adventurous or Cautious?

my local botantical garden is my favourite place

its been so long since ive joined a new site so i have 0 idea how to insert myself into communities anymore

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"Dead as the lights on the wrong side of midnight Praying to god that something would feel right I loved you more than I probably should have You might have done more and you probably could have"

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trans rights are human rights

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